01. In some [regions] of this country, winter lasts more than half the year.
02. There are very limited [regional] differences in pronunciation in Canadian English.
03. The price of gas in this country varies [regionally].
04. We went on a wonderful tour of the wine-producing [regions] of British Columbia last summer.
05. Quebec is the world's principal maple syrup producing [region].
06. The rebels are hiding out in a remote mountainous [region] of the country.
07. She sustained serious injuries to the pelvic [region] as a result of the car accident.
08. Greater Toronto is the most densely populated [region] in Canada.
09. Herodotus once observed that in soft [regions] are born soft men.
10. The world's driest inhabited [region] is Aswan, Egypt, which averages only .5 millimeters of rain per year.
11. A constellation represents not just a group of stars, but a [region] of space.
12. Mosquitoes have been found in the coldest [regions] of Siberia.
13. Tibet is the highest [region] in the world, with an average altitude of 4,875 meters.
14. Although Togo is one of West Africa's smallest countries, it has become a [regional] leader.
15. There are six important oil producing [regions] in the world.
16. The government of Panama is planning new [regional] trade agreements in order to stimulate economic growth in the country.
17. The Middle Eastern nation of Qatar has been described as a rock of stability and moderation in a [region] torn by conflict.
18. Natural landscapes are greatly influenced by both the rock structure of a [region] and its climate.
19. Scientists did not have enough data to present a clear picture of the [regional] characteristics of the ocean floor until about fifty years ago.
20. Adult insects have three body [regions].

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